Gaming With Your PI?

For gaming with your PI4B, there are some required components. First you’ll need to add heat sinks and/or cooling fans. Many of the games can cause the process to run hot. It won’t hurt your pie to run a little warm, but without cooling, the Pi will slow itself down when it gets to hot, and that will affect your game play.

Beyond that, you can add custom devices for experimentation, USB devices such as addition storage, hard drives, USB game controllers, cameras, and much more. Since PI’s have been around so long, there is an amazing array of peripheral devices for them.

People have really gotten creative when it comes to gaming with PI’s. Choosing a case or enclosure for your PI has become deeply personal and unlimited in style and variations.

… from simple aluminum cases with built in fans.

Or smaller custom cases specifically for gaming like traditional set top consoles.

Or even handheld game devices that are portable.

All the way to full arcade style enclosure that you can put in the game room of your house!